Monday, December 30, 2013

First Post- Long exposures and first attempts

Taking some inspiration from my sister, I'm going to try a blog for my photo's...I mean, it's that or overload my Facebook with them.  I bought a Canon Rebel T3 over Christmas and I've started playing around with it. I'm enjoying the long exposure settings as well as just the freedom of multiple lenses. I added dslr controller to my tablet and it's allowing me much more steady pictures with long exposure as well.

This was taken by basically shooting straight up for about a minute exposure time.

This was about a 5 minute exposure time at about 9PM at night

Same with this, just changed the angle a bit to get a different's insane the light pollution here

Went out to my street, sat on the curb, and took a few long exposure shots...I've always loved these kinds of shots, so I'm having a blast with them.

Another long exposure shot

Reverse angle looking the other way on the street.

This was shot on a cloudy day at about 8PM at night for about a minute 30 Exposure

Close up of my Christmas Tree, I thought the colors came out well

NCC-1701...boldly going where many ornaments have gone before (and Voyager in one episode of STVOY...It was a Q Episode, so it still counts as OK)